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FIFA World Cup - Group F - Predictions

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Group F is pretty easy to call, Germany and Mexico are clear favorites to finish top and unlike other groups, I don’t think this one will have any surprises. South Korea and Sweden are talented sides, but the Germans and Mexicans have a that extra edge, that big-tournament-know-how.

As you can see, South Korea have a good chance to go through, but, the Mexicans should pip them to second - they were impressive in the Confederation Cup last year. History is against the Asian giants as they’ve only made it out of the groups twice. Sweden will suffer for their inability to score goals and they will need goals to win this group. If you’re a Germany fan, get ready for goals, goals and more goals.

Onto individual match predictions,

Korea and Mexico are two very inconsistent teams, Sweden are likely to lose to both the Koreans and the Mexicans and all 3 nations are likely to be dominated by Germany. The crux of this group, is therefore, the Korea vs Mexico game on 23rd July at the Rostov Arena.

Position by position finishing probabilities.

Straightforward stuff and plain sailing for Germany and Mexico, unless the South Koreans can turn up.

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