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FIFA World Cup - Group C - Predictions

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Group C is an interesting group for a variety of reasons. Firstly, France are one of the favorites to win this tournament and coach, Didier Deschamps, has gone with a controversial squad - leaving som. The French have a point to prove after being beaten at home in the finals of Euro 2016.

The second reason that I think that this group is fascinating is that there is nothing to separate the 3 other teams in the group. Peru came through the toughest qualifying games, Denmark are tactically flexible and can beat anybody on their day. The Socceroos from Down Under are the weakest team in the group but that's doing them a disservice.

Chances for each team to qualify,

France are favorites to finish top but not by much. Both the Danes and the Peruvians are within 15% of them. Peru will struggle to score goals but their defensive prowess cannot be questioned. So far, this will be the tightest group of the World Cup. Australia are given only a 30% chance of making it but they are a dangerous team too.

Onto individual match predictions,

As expected, France go into all 3 of their games as favorites. The Danes are expected to beat both Australia and Peru. However, I do not think this will happen in practice. I get a distinct feeling that the games against Peru will decide the fate of teams in this group.

Final finish probabilities by position,

France will finish top. But I will direct your attention to the probabilities of finishing second and third for each team. Nothing to split there, AT ALL.

This is a really difficult group to call. What are you predictions for this group? Tweet to - @sgtsaltnpeppa

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